Saturday, August 17, 2013

A failed BH in Pahang

This is a 3-storey BH and is built in agriculture land. Unfortunately it is a fail BH with very sick. The owner has engaged few consultants but still fail to recover it to be a growing bird house. This BH has been more than  2 years but it has  less than 10 birds staying, therefore don't talk about the nest. It has severe owl problem, the design of entrance hole, installation of tweeter and arrangement of nesting plank. This type of design wastes a lot of space too.

According to the owner, the first consultant was from Veterinarian Department, he knows this consultant when he attended the swiftlet  course in order to get the certificate.
Then I said how do you know me and my background, he said " He noticed there are few failed BH in his hometown were revamped by me now are in good grow in around half year."

The owner wants to JV with me to have 20 years agreement to help him to manage and maintain the BH. I will bear the cost for this revamp, but the future harvest income will be 40% (Me) to 60% (Owner). As I have the confident to recover the BH so I agree to the deal.

As the outside wall facing the entrance hole is difficult to hack and remove, and it is constructed with concrete beam and column, besides there is a big hole from 3rd level to 1st level. Therefore I will choose to close this air well type entrance to side entrance with better direction.

Now the lawyer is preparing the document, once it is done, I can start to work for the revamp. Hope the BH can be put into operation by middle of September.

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